For Sale Rattles – price includes shipping and handling to USA addresses.

I’ve been doing my best to keep an updated Website complete with current pieces of art and prices, but I find it is hampering my style. If there is anything that appeals to you, please reach out and I will let you know the details of the piece and the price. The majority of rattles are in the $200-$325 range. A few are more, a few are less, depending on customization with crystal, stained glass, salmon leather and prime furs.

I really enjoy custom works, and I can tell you that no two rattles are the same, ever.

Red Fox Jump

Red Fox Jump

Red Fox Jump is 10″ tall. Rattle is mounted on caribou antler and trimmed with red fox fur. Backside is fireweed and yellow marsh marigold.

Red Fox Jump is currently on display with the Ptarmigan Arts Scholarship Fund, all proceeds to be given to the fund. Ptarmigan Arts is located in Homer, Alaska and price is to be determined. Update : SOLD

One response to “For Sale Rattles – price includes shipping and handling to USA addresses.”

  1. I find your depiction of Caucasian and Indigenous culture intriguing and delightful. Unfortunately some may not agree. The spiritual connections I have with my Wolf Spirit has been exhilarating and enhanced from your art. Thank you for the tool to help me connect stronger.


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