Leaving the Den. Polar Bear sow and cub are rimmed with black Beaufort Sea stone. Rattle is mounted on Western Arctic Caribou herd antler and trimmed with Arctic Fox fur. Currently available on For Sale page.

Soul Shine Rattles

Artisanal Shamanic rattles handcrafted in Homer, Alaska …where the only limitation is your imagination…


  • Soul Shine Rattles is passionate about utilizing sustainably and responsibly harvested natural products.
  • Soul Shine Rattles integrate Alaskan flora from the Kenai Peninsula and the North Slope.
  • Caribou and moose shed antlers from the vast Interior form the shaft of our rattles: these are natural sheds that the animals drop annually.
  • Pebbles and driftwood from the Beaufort Sea, Alaska Peninsula, and Kenai Peninsula accent many of the borders and bases.
  • Hand-tanned leather from wild caught salmon and brain-tanned fur from discards are utilized on select pieces, creating a beautiful material that often would not be harvested.
  • Wet sawing, grinding and tumbling stone, crystals and stained glass showcases customized shapes and sizes for meticulous rattle details.

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